These family lines share this DNA sequence: Last update 9/5/2008
kit number 121684 Richard Mowry Groff Norman Pyle Groff Edward Howard Harding John Harding
William Slatery Groff b 1920 Texas   b 1890 North Carolina   b 1866 New Jersey   b 1819 state
b yyyy state   d 1976 Virginia   d 1961 Texas   d 1930 Ohio   d yyyy state
m yyyy state     m 1943 Missouri   m 1918 state   not married   m yyyy New Jersey
spouse   Louise Phillips Slattery   Zara Emma Mowry   Sarah Groff   Jane Sheppard
b yyyy state b 1923 South Carolina  b yyyy Texas b 1869 New Jersey b yyyy New Jersey
d 1996 North Carolina d 1970 Texas d yyyy state d yyyy state
Margaret Groff Reed
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