January 6, 2023


This yDNA project is sponsored by the Harden.Hardin.Harding Family Association. You are invited to contact Colleen Taylor (contact information below) for more information about the HFA. You are invited to contact William Clark "Bill" Hardin, Jr., P.E. (contact information below) for more information about the yDNA project. We encourage you to join either or both the HFA or the yDNA project. Please consider ordering the 37 marker or at least the 25 marker test as the 12 marker test does not provide adequate discrimination between family branches. There is also a 67 marker test that is even more definitive than the 37 marker test. There are several companies offering to perform yDNA testing. I stongly recommend "Family Tree DNA". "Family Tree DNA" has a 90%+ market share - for good reason. Finding family origins and new cousins are two benefits of participation in the Harden.in.ing yDNA Project. All males who have the HARDEN, HARDIN or HARDING surnames (or variants) are invited to join the project. If you're researching these families and want to learn more about your Harden.in.ing ancestors, please urge an eligible male in your family to participate. The goal is to find common ancestors & establish the genetic connections among the various families through Y-Chromosome DNA test results.

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