These family lines share this DNA sequence: Last update 04/30/2016
Susan Hardin Austin
kit 127901 Maurice Edwin Hardin  Edward Burgess Hardin Maurice A Hardin George Hardin
John Maurice Hardin   b 1912 Missouri   b 1870 Missouri   b 1815 Missouri   b 1756 Virginia  
b 1952 Missouri   d 2005 Missouri   d 1935 Missouri   d 1877 Missouri   d 1854 Missouri  
m yyyy state   m 1948 Missouri   m 1907 Missouri   m 1854 Missouri   m 1773 Virginia   Edward Harding
          b bef 1725
spouse   Eva L Sampson   Laura E Roberts   Elizabeth Galwaith    Sarah Gentry   d aft 1799
b yyyy state b 1919 Missouri b 1878 Missouri b 1824 Maryland b 1773 Virginia   m 1749 Virginia
d yyyy state d yyyy state d yyyy state d 1846 Missouri  
  Mary Hanby
  b 1729 Pennsylvania
kit 213427 Guy H. Harding Joseph Duncan Harding Elijah O'Bannion Harding Thomas Harding Elihu Harding   d yyyy state
Richard Omar Harding   b 1902 Kentucky   b 1863 Kentucky   b 1828 Kentucky   b 1787 Virginia   b 1752 Virginia    
b yyyy state   d 1972 California   d 1946 Kentucky   d yyyy state   d 1872 Kentucky   d 1831 Kentucky
m 1958 Indiana   m 1924 Kansas   m yyyy Kentucky   m 1851 Kentucky   m 1826 Kentucky   m yyyy state
Sue Bilderback   Vernona Belle Owens   Florence Mamie McCarty   America Duncan   Elizabeth O'Bannion Duncan   Anne (Jane) Green
b 1942 state b 1909 Kansas b 1873 Kentucky b bef 1851 b yyyy state b 1754 Virginia
d 1985 California d 1915 Kansas d bef 1900 d yyyy state d yyyy state
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