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up Parent Directory 30-Nov-2018 11:56 - directory darkgreenpedigree_files 05-Apr-2013 23:10 - directory hhh_files 25-Feb-2017 19:23 - directory hhhdnaindex_files 05-Apr-2013 23:10 - directory participant contacts_files 30-Nov-2018 11:55 - unknown dna.ico 16-Apr-2008 19:47 8k unknown h.ico 16-Apr-2008 19:47 8k [TXT] 214486.txt 30-Oct-2011 13:27 12k [HTM] darkgreenpedigree.htm 05-Apr-2013 23:10 12k [HTM] hhh.htm 25-Feb-2017 19:23 12k [HTM] hhhdnaindex.htm 05-Apr-2013 23:10 12k unknown DonaldLHarden.xlsx 09-Jun-2012 19:19 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20120203.xlsx 03-Feb-2012 08:34 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20130222.xlsx 23-Feb-2013 09:16 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20130316.xlsx 16-Mar-2013 11:01 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20130620.xlsx 20-Jun-2013 10:17 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20130712.xlsx 12-Jul-2013 07:29 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20130725.xlsx 01-Aug-2013 10:27 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20151213.xlsx 14-Dec-2015 11:24 16k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20180820.xlsx 01-Sep-2018 12:32 16k [HTM] distance247046.htm 02-Sep-2012 18:19 16k unknown Danny Lee Hoyt pedigree.xls 01-Jan-2008 11:54 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20161014.xlsx 14-Oct-2016 14:54 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20161203.xlsx 03-Dec-2016 12:59 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20170106.xlsx 06-Jan-2017 16:08 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20170624.xlsx 28-Jun-2017 15:52 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_Classic_20170526.xlsx 28-Jun-2017 15:52 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_Classic_20180917.xlsx 17-Sep-2018 13:48 20k unknown Justin and Gabby Hardin.JPG 01-Sep-2018 12:32 20k unknown ORIGINALdanielleehardinpedigree.xls 01-Jan-2008 11:54 20k unknown RichardLaneHardingPedigree.xls 09-May-2008 18:28 20k unknown bright blue pedigree.pdf 23-Feb-2008 11:28 20k unknown mtDNA.xlsx 17-Sep-2018 13:48 20k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20110715.xls 15-Jul-2011 07:54 24k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20120606.xml 06-Jun-2012 14:54 24k unknown JamesLHardinPedigree.xls 10-Jan-2008 09:59 24k unknown JohnGeorgeHardenPedigree.xls 10-Jan-2008 21:59 24k unknown Michael Harding pedigree.xls 12-Jan-2008 14:24 24k unknown TWandCMPedigree.xls 05-Feb-2008 18:06 24k unknown aqua pedigree.xls 05-Jan-2008 14:25 24k unknown blue pedigree.xls 06-Jan-2008 16:14 24k unknown dianehardinnortonpedigree.xls 08-Jan-2008 10:35 24k unknown distanceN194706.xls 08-Aug-2016 14:12 24k unknown lavender pedigree.xls 10-Jan-2008 21:59 24k unknown purplepedigree.xls 04-May-2016 09:08 24k unknown tharding.xls 21-Oct-2008 22:33 24k unknown turquoise pedigree.xls 12-Jan-2008 18:10 24k unknown whitneyryerhardingpedigree.xls 12-Jan-2008 18:10 24k unknown MarkHarding562136Pedigree.xls 14-Mar-2017 13:12 28k unknown RobHardenPedigree.xls 12-Jan-2008 14:32 28k unknown compare Thomas Glenn.xlsx 23-Feb-2013 09:16 28k unknown distance573013.xls 06-Jan-2017 15:41 28k unknown ArthurClintHardinpedigree.xls 08-Jan-2013 14:09 32k unknown CarlHardenPedigree.xls 04-Jun-2013 12:41 32k unknown EricHardenPedigree.xls 09-Jun-2012 19:19 32k unknown HarbinPedigree.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 32k unknown KellyHardingPedigree.xls 27-Feb-2013 14:12 32k unknown StameyHardinPedigree.xls 28-Sep-2015 22:29 32k unknown distance229084.xls 12-Mar-2012 10:11 32k unknown distance232512.xls 08-Apr-2012 09:07 32k unknown distance442286.xls 19-Mar-2016 11:19 32k unknown distance460455.xls 08-Jun-2016 16:46 32k unknown distance462829.xls 19-Mar-2016 11:19 32k unknown distance500277.xls 06-Jan-2017 15:41 32k unknown distance612191.xls 24-Feb-2017 19:47 32k unknown distance624390.xls 24-Feb-2017 19:47 32k unknown distance631920.xls 24-Feb-2017 19:47 32k unknown distance869762.xls 12-Oct-2018 14:25 32k unknown distance874719.xls 21-Nov-2018 12:31 32k unknown light turquoise pedigree.xls 15-Jun-2011 19:34 32k unknown mtDNA.xls 15-Jul-2011 07:54 32k unknown 213427 Richard Omar Harding Pedigree.xls 12-Nov-2011 11:33 36k unknown BBHardingPedigree.xls 28-Sep-2010 14:22 36k unknown BillWHardingpedigree.xls 28-Jun-2010 08:30 36k unknown CGHpedigree.xls 12-Feb-2008 08:27 36k unknown CMHardingPedigree.xls 10-Sep-2010 08:41 36k unknown CarolElaineHardenPedigree.xls 28-Sep-2015 22:29 36k unknown DOHartonPedigree.xls 02-Jun-2010 15:38 36k unknown DavidMarionHardinPedigree.xls 15-Aug-2009 11:19 36k unknown David_Guy_Harden_Pedigree.xls 30-Aug-2011 21:51 36k unknown GeorgeAndJohnHardinPedigree.xls 08-Nov-2013 14:11 36k unknown GregoryHardenPedigree.xls 28-Jan-2009 22:27 36k unknown IanHardingPedigree.xls 14-Oct-2009 08:29 36k unknown JDHardenPedigree.xls 26-Aug-2008 22:25 36k unknown JDHardinpedigree.xls 06-Mar-2008 19:59 36k unknown JamesAdamHartingPedigree.xls 04-Jun-2013 12:41 36k unknown JamesRHardinPedigree.xls 12-Jul-2013 12:01 36k unknown JoePatHardingPedigree.xls 28-May-2008 21:44 36k unknown JohnClintonHardinpedigree.xls 01-Aug-2013 14:44 36k unknown JosephRossHardinPedigree.xls 20-Jun-2013 10:17 36k unknown JudyFlowersPedigree.xls 05-May-2010 23:05 36k unknown JustinHardinPedigree.xls 10-Feb-2014 10:27 36k unknown KatrinaKerrickPedigree.xls 09-Jan-2015 09:12 36k unknown KatrinaSullivanPedigree.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 36k unknown KentRichardHardingpedigree.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 36k unknown LockhartHarderPedigree.xls 27-Nov-2010 22:54 36k unknown MarkWChapmanPedigree.xls 19-May-2012 11:33 36k unknown MartinWalkerPedigree.xls 25-Dec-2014 07:57 36k unknown RKHardenpedigree.xls 02-Jan-2011 10:01 36k unknown RichardDaleHardinpedigree.xls 04-May-2016 09:08 36k unknown RichardHardinPedigree .xls 05-May-2010 15:16 36k unknown RichardHardinPedigree.xls 13-May-2011 13:26 36k unknown RobertHardinPedigree.xls 31-Oct-2016 18:32 36k unknown RogerAlanHardingPedigree.xls 15-Jan-2013 11:59 36k unknown SilasHardenPedigree.xls 17-Dec-2010 17:16 36k unknown TerryParksPedigree.xls 12-Jan-2008 15:29 36k unknown blank pedigree.xls 14-Mar-2017 13:12 36k unknown cehardingpedigree.xls 03-Feb-2009 18:05 36k unknown danielleehardinpedigree.xls 29-May-2014 12:48 36k unknown davthomhardingpedigree.xls 02-Mar-2008 11:13 36k unknown dhhardingpedigree.xls 04-Dec-2009 15:45 36k unknown distance216575.xls 16-Dec-2011 08:44 36k unknown distance217131.xls 16-Dec-2011 08:44 36k unknown distance223590.xls 12-Mar-2012 10:11 36k unknown distance315933.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 36k unknown distance391111.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 36k unknown distance407960.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 36k unknown distance410240.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 36k unknown distance479201.xls 19-Mar-2016 11:19 36k unknown distance576345.xls 06-Jan-2017 15:41 36k unknown distance761535.xls 03-Sep-2018 16:39 36k unknown djhardenpedigree.xls 25-Mar-2013 17:25 36k unknown dohardinpedigree.xls 29-Jan-2012 10:49 36k unknown eehardinpedigree.xls 17-Dec-2008 19:31 36k unknown jmhardinpedigree.xls 04-Oct-2008 11:49 36k unknown lime pedigree.xls 11-Jan-2008 20:15 36k unknown purple pedigree.xls 12-Nov-2011 11:33 36k unknown ralphhardinpedigree.xls 03-Jan-2009 13:45 36k unknown rickyclydehardinpedigree.xls 12-Sep-2014 10:01 36k unknown rwwilkinsonpedigree.xls 03-Sep-2018 16:39 36k unknown vernonhardenpedigree.xls 30-Jan-2008 07:56 36k unknown williamharden.xls 15-Nov-2008 15:10 36k unknown wsgroffpedigree.xls 05-Sep-2008 09:14 36k unknown DNApath.xls 17-Mar-2009 10:12 40k unknown FTmtDNA20160608.xls 08-Jun-2016 16:46 40k unknown Harden_MTDNA_Results_20160520.xls 20-May-2016 12:59 40k unknown LightBrownPedigree.xls 17-Sep-2018 14:34 40k unknown NoranneJonesPedigree.xls 05-Feb-2009 21:29 40k unknown bright yellow pedigree.xls 25-Jun-2016 16:42 40k unknown darkgreypedigree.xls 08-May-2016 17:47 40k unknown distance202861.xls 08-Nov-2013 09:59 40k unknown distance273902.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 40k unknown distance310327.xls 08-Nov-2013 09:59 40k unknown distance395343.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 40k unknown distance396871.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 40k unknown distance412283.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 40k unknown distance452869.xls 19-Mar-2016 11:19 40k unknown distance469689.xls 04-May-2016 09:08 40k unknown distanceB13179.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 40k unknown distancexxxxx.xls 03-Sep-2018 16:39 40k unknown rose pedigree.xls 03-Sep-2018 16:39 40k unknown yellow pedigree.xls 04-Aug-2008 14:45 40k unknown distance370986.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 44k unknown distance417140.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 44k unknown distanceB48099.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 44k unknown distanceB5353.xls 14-Dec-2015 11:24 44k unknown distanceH2038.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 44k unknown grey pedigree.xls 05-Jun-2013 13:55 44k unknown jakehardingpedigree.xls 26-Nov-2013 08:47 44k unknown lightorangepedigree.xls 10-Mar-2013 16:20 44k unknown pink pedigree.xls 17-Feb-2009 13:12 44k unknown red pedigree.xls 04-Feb-2009 17:31 44k unknown brown pedigree.xls 19-Mar-2014 17:47 48k unknown lightlavendarpedigree.xls 28-Oct-2010 10:12 48k unknown maternalancestors.xls 24-Jul-2009 12:52 52k unknown Hardindata.doc 26-Feb-2008 17:53 56k unknown distance246060.xls 08-Sep-2012 11:39 60k unknown distance.xls 26-Jul-2008 08:29 64k unknown darkgreenpedigree.xls 12-Oct-2018 14:25 68k unknown dys_no_ftdna.xls 23-Jun-2008 18:41 68k unknown bright blue pedigree.xls 09-Dec-2015 17:26 80k unknown ftDNA yDNA grouped 2.xlsx 03-Sep-2018 16:39 80k unknown ftDNA yDNA grouped.xlsx 03-Sep-2018 16:39 80k unknown ftDNA.xlsx 20-Nov-2018 17:13 80k unknown ftdnaGROUPED.xlsx 03-Dec-2018 14:19 80k unknown green pedigree.xls 17-Sep-2018 14:34 92k unknown Harden_YDNAAlleles.csv 13-Oct-2009 07:25 112k unknown 192178.xls 16-Dec-2010 09:58 120k unknown distance196743.xls 03-Mar-2011 21:10 124k unknown distance207883.xls 16-Dec-2011 08:44 124k unknown distance214486.xls 30-Oct-2011 13:27 124k unknown distance272282.xls 04-Jun-2013 12:41 124k unknown distanc322004.xls 11-Feb-2014 18:37 128k unknown distance163358.xls 21-Dec-2009 14:51 128k unknown distance164703.xls 04-Sep-2011 21:27 128k unknown distance181956.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 128k unknown distance236555.xls 23-Feb-2013 09:16 128k unknown distance247046.xls 02-Sep-2012 18:19 128k unknown distance304247.xls 04-Nov-2013 12:39 128k unknown distance322004.xls 11-Feb-2014 18:41 128k unknown distance357917.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 128k unknown distance372990.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 128k unknown distance159439.xls 31-Mar-2010 08:58 132k unknown distance160531.xls 02-Jun-2010 15:38 132k unknown distance167076.xls 31-Mar-2010 08:58 132k unknown distance175772.xls 04-May-2010 12:47 132k unknown distance175959.xls 05-May-2010 23:05 132k unknown distance185723.xls 27-Nov-2010 23:44 132k unknown distance192178.xls 16-Dec-2010 09:58 132k unknown distance220044.xls 28-Sep-2015 15:56 132k unknown distance67909.xls 23-Jun-2014 15:28 132k unknown distanceN83932.xls 05-May-2010 23:05 132k unknown distance158856.xls 26-Sep-2010 15:45 136k unknown distance179207.xls 02-Aug-2010 22:11 136k unknown distance187435.xls 02-Nov-2010 16:55 136k unknown distance187914.xls 05-Nov-2010 12:56 136k unknown distanceN86065.xls 09-Sep-2010 16:11 136k unknown hhhdnaindex.xlsx 12-Oct-2018 14:25 148k unknown ftDNAcolorized.xlsx 03-Sep-2018 16:39 168k unknown Hardindata.rtf 26-Feb-2008 17:55 184k unknown hhh.xlsx 03-Dec-2018 14:19 200k unknown hhh.xls 29-Nov-2011 09:09 236k unknown hardindata.pdf 28-Jun-2010 06:41 248k unknown FTDNA 20150928.xls 28-Sep-2015 22:29 344k unknown FTDNA GROUPED 20150928.xls 28-Sep-2015 22:29 344k unknown FTDNA GROUPED.xls 08-Jun-2016 16:46 356k unknown ftDNAcolorized.xlsx.xls 28-Jun-2017 15:52 552k unknown gold pedigree.xls 04-May-2016 09:08 588k unknown hhhdnaindex.xls 02-Sep-2012 16:19 760k

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