HFA yDNA Project

Options for providing your pedigree so that it can be posted on this site (Listed in order of preference)

First Choice:
If you have Microsoft Excel, you will be able to create the pedigree chart. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, consider downloading and learning to use OpenOffice. Either of these programs will allow you to manipulate the files that make up this site. You can download FREE software that does essentially the same thing as Microsoft Excel. That software can be downloaded from << http://www.openoffice.org/ >> Download the software by clicking on the link labeled GET OPENOFFICE.ORG. You can download a blank pedigree chart from our source document folder <<blank pedigree.xls>>. Replace the "Titles" with actual data, save the file under a new name and email it to me as an attachment.

Second Choice:
If you have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader, download the PDF collection sheet << hardindata.pdf >> from our source document folder. Fill in the blanks and then save the file and send it to me as an email attachment.

Third Choice:
If you have word processing software, download either of these forms << Hardindata.doc >> or << Hardindata.rtf >> or << pedigree.txt >> from our source documents folder. Fill in the blanks, save the file, and email it to me as an attachment.

Fourth Choice:
Send the information in any form that you can and I will key the data into a spreadsheet.

Information we want (leave out information you view as private)