These family lines share this DNA sequence: Last update 8/31/2018
66651 Albert Sidney Hardin, Sr. Henry Tatum Hardin
Albert Sidney Hardin, Jr.   b 1892 Louisiana   b 1865 Louisiana  
b 1918 Texas   d 1974 Texas   d 1941 Texas  
d 2009 Texas   m 1917 Texas   m yyyy state   (2nd) Lavina Ann Tatum
m 1941 Texas       b 1831 Louisiana
Doris   Lorena Moore   Georgia Allen   d 1877 Louisiana
b 1900 Texas b 1872 Louisiana   m 1859 Louisiana
d 1989 Texas d 1949 Texas  
  Calvin E. Hardin Jacob Hardin Thomas Hardin David Hardin
27170 John Calvin Hardin, Sr. John Calvin Hardin   b 1820 North Carolina   b 1786 North Carolina   b yyyy state   of Anson
John Calvin Hardin, Jr. MD   b 1894 Louisiana   b 1849 Alabama     d 1880 between Louisiana & Arkansas   d 1857 Florida   d yyyy state   County, NC
b 1925 Arkansas   d 1967 Louisiana   d 1923 Louisiana   m 1846 Alabama   m 1803   m yyyy state  
m 1949 Tennessee   m 1921 Mississippi   m 1876 Louisiana        
      (1st) Mary Ann Rollins   (2nd) Jane Porter ??   unknown  
  Sadie Kendrick   Texanna Torrey   b 1827 Georgia b 1778 b yyyy state
b 1900 Louisiana b 1855 Texas   d 1857 d 1839 d yyyy state
d 1986 Louisiana d 1921 Louisiana   (1st) Nancy ??
50910 Bernice Cecil Hardin, Jr. Bernice Cecil Hardin, Sr. Barry (Berry) Baker Hardin  
Rex E. Hardin   b 1925   b 1905 Louisiana   b 1851 Alabama    
b yyyy State   d 1992 Texas   d yyyy State   d 1921 Louisiana
m yyyy State   m yyyy State   m yyyy State   m 1878 Louisiana
      (3rd) Susan Jackson Tanner
Robin Hardin   Wife   Wife   Margaret Jane Katie Phillips m 1877 Louisiana
b yyyy State b yyyy State b yyyy State   b 1860 Mississippi
d yyyy State d yyyy State   d 1913 Louisiana
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Francis Ann Hardin Thadeus Oliver Hardin  
b 1935 State   b 1895 Louisiana    
d yyyy State   d yyyy State
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m 1955 Texas   m 1920 State
Franklin Fred Griffin   Guvernia Maloney
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b yyyy State b yyyy State
d yyyy State d yyyy State
43334 Charles D Harden Clayton Whitfield Harden William R. Harden
David Theodore Harden     b 1897 Alabama   b 1859 Georgia   b 1826 Georgia
b 1942 Florida   d 1972 Florida   d 1914 Alabama   d 1902 Alabama
m 1972 Florida     m 1937 Florida   m 1877 Alabama   m 1847 Georgia
Andrea L. Koleda   Mary Elanor Caraway   Mary Elizabeth White   Martha Jane Huff
b 1952 Florida b 1917 Alabama b 1862 Alabama b 1827/28 Georgia
d 1967 Florida d 1936 Alabama d 1890 Alabama
kit number: 156336 Earnest Childs Harden Jr Earnest Childs Harden Sr Andrew Jackson Harden Thomas Monroe Harden
Joseph Childs Harden b 1914 Georgia   b 1893 Georgia   b 1855 Georgia   b 1824 Georgia
b 1939 Florida   d 1995 Florida   d 1969 Florida   d 1927 Florida   d 1889 Georgia
m yyyy state     m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state
Allyson June Argo   Emma Louise Linton   Ola Jane Wadsworth   Sallie Helen McDowell   Mary Frances Newby
b yyyy state b 1915 Florida b 1896 Florida b 1865 Georgia b 1831 Georgia
d  1994 Florida d 1980 Florida d 1901 Georgia d 1881 Georgia
192178 George Cyrus Harden Joseph Burton Harden Robert Monroe Harden Henry Hardin
George Cyrus Harden, Jr   b 1902 Georgia   b 1872 Georgia   b 1840 Georgia   b abt 1790 South Carolina
b 1935 Florida   d 1958 Georgia   d 1949 Georgia   d 1881 Georgia   d 1867 Georgia
  m 1926 Florida     m 1865 Georgia  
    1st m 1893 state     1st m. abt. 1814 South Carolina
  Lillie Ruth Spencer   Annie Laura Law   Elizabeth "Betsy" Rouse   Unknown
b 1904 Florida   b 1875 state b 1841 Georgia   b yyyy state
d 1996 Florida   d 1895 Georgia d 1922 Georgia   d yyyy state
  2nd m 1896 state   2nd m 1829 Georgia
Katie Eliza Ponder Lucinda Courtney
b 1876 Georgia b abt 1801 South Carolina
d 1966 Georgia d 1885 Georgia
B48099 Joseph Thompson Harden
Joseph Thompson Harden
Joseph Thompson Harden
Joseph Thompson Harden
George Leevy Harden Sr Thomas Monroe Harden
Charles Richard Hardin   b 1917 Alabama   b 1869 Georgia   b 1824 SC or GA
b 1943 Alabama   d 2002 Virginia   d 1939 Alabama   d 1889 Georgia
m 1992 Virginia   m 1937 Alabama   m 1903 Alabama   m 1847 Georgia
Melissa Ann Harp   Evelyn Kalora Osteen   Margaret Richard "Dixie"   Mary Frances Newby
b 1964 Kentucky b 1920 Alabama McLendon (or McClendon) b 1831 Georgia
b 1883 Louisiana d 1881 Georgia
d 1962 Alabama
690964 Archie Carthel Harden Daniel Marion Reddick Harden Daniel Marion Harden Felix Harden/Hardin
Julius Dale Harden   b 1921 in Florida   b 1892 in Florida   b 1839 in Georgia   b abt 1797 in North/South Carolina
b 1950 in Florida   d 1996 in Florida   d 1972 in Florida   d 1909 in Florida   d aft 1885 in Florida
1972 in Georgia   m 1945 in Florida   m 1917 in Florida   m 1887 in Florida   m 1836 in Georgia
Mary Ruth Farrior   Lizzie Mae Capps   Graddie Elizabeth Strickland   Mary Lucinda Foxworth   Isabella McFadden
1953 in Florida b 1921 in Alabama b 1900 in Florida b 1852 in Alabama b abt 1820 in North Carolina
d 1972 in Florida d 1923 in state d aft 1885 in state