These family lines share this DNA sequence: 3/19/2014
31516 Earl Edwin Harden Dennis Cook Harden Jacob Harden
James Robert Harden   b 1893 IL   b 1849 PA   b 1822 PA  
b 1932 SD   d 1967 SD   d 1928   d 1907  
m 1953   m 1914   m 1892   m 1847   George Harden
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        b 1794 Pennsylvania  
Darlene A.   Myrtle S.    Elvena Bollman   Catherine Cook   d 1880 Pennsylvania  
b 1934 b 1890 b 1867 b 1825 PA   m 1814 Maryland  
d 1961 d 1943 d 1912    
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  Hester/Esther Uhl  
  b yyyy state   Isaac Harden
111131 Alvin Louis Harden William Winfield Harden Solomon Harden   d yyyy state   b 1767 Pennsylvania  
Edward W. Harden   b 1894 Illinois   b 1852 Pennsylvania   b 1824 Pennsylvania       d bef 1848 Pennsylvania  
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b yyyy Illinois   d 1981 Illinois   d 1934 Illinois   d 1865 Illinois   m yyyy Pennsylvania  
m yyyy state   m 1929 Illinois   m yyyy Illinois   m yyyy Pennsylvania    
      Migrated from PA to IL abt 1853   ? Neymeyer/Newmeyer  
spouse   Frances   Margaret Gruver   Susanna " Susan" Uhl   b yyyy Pennsylvania   David Duncan Hardin David Harding Abiah Harding Joseph Harding
b yyyy state b 1909 state b 1857 Illinois b 1831 Pennsylvania   d yyyy state   b 1742 state   b 1721 Massachusetts   b 1679 Massachusetts   b 1629 Masscahusetts
d yyyy state d 1950 Illinois d 1912 state     d 1800 Pennsylvania   d 1800 Pennsylvania   d 1743 Massachusetts   d 1685 Massachusetts
    m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state
kit number 196743 Ronald Ray Harden Paul Robert Harden Charles Edward Harden Nathian Harden Jr Nathian Harden Sr     Mary Savil   Mary Duncan   Rebecca Young   Benita Cook
Ronald Keith Harden    b 1931 Kansas   b 1897 Kansas   b 1863 Indiana   b 1831 Ohio   b 1804 Pennsylvania     b 1742 state b 1722 state b 1689 Massachusetts b 1638 Massachusetts
b 1960 Indiana   d yyyy state   d 1994 Kansas   d 1944 Kansas   d yyyy Oklahoma   d 1868 Indiana   d yyyy state d yyyy state d 1764 Massachusetts d yyyy state
m 1983 Indiana   m 1954 Kansas   m 1919 Kansas   m 1890 Kansas   m ~1857 Ohio   m yyyy state  
Lisa L   Mary A Vines   Florence Estella Bard   Agnes Gilchrist   Emeretta Arnold   Mary Hammond  
b 1960 Indiana b 1927 Alabama b 1899 Kansas b 1863 Pennsylvania b 1838 Ohio b 1804 Pennsylvania  
d yyyy state d 1992 Kansas d 1951 Kansas d 1873 Iowa d 1868 Indiana  
Ancestry kit # ??? Richard Gregory Hardin August Burns "Lucky" Hardin James William "Willie" Hardin Alfred Hardin Andrew Jackson Hardin  
Rhonda Hardin-Wilson   b 1943 Ohio   b 1921 Kentucky   b 1898 Kentucky   b 1870 Kentucky   b 1837 Kentucky  
DNA from Matthew Gregory Hardin   d yyyy state   d 1984 Ohio   d 1929 Kentucky   d 1961 Kentucky   d 1904 Kentucky  
b 1980 Kentucky   m 1976 Kentucky     m 1920 Kentucky   m 1895 Kentucky   m yyyy state  
m yyyy state            
  Claudia Lenora Emerson   Beulah Gregory   Myrtle Gregory   Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzy" Pelfrey   Julia Donahue  
spouse b 1954 Kentucky b 1926 Kentucky b 1903 Kentucky b 1880 Kentucky b 1839 Kentucky  
b yyyy state d yyyy state d 1993 Kentucky d 1988 Kentucky d 1958 Kentucky d bef 1870 Kentucky  
Ancestry kit # A10302834 Keith Douglas Hardin Orie Winfield Hardin Ephriam Lawrence Hardin Harvey Newton Hardin Saviel Duncan Hardin Saviel Duncan Hardin  
Daniel Wayne Hardin   b yyyy state   b 1915 Ohio   b 1878 Kentucky   b 1844 Kentucky   b 1805 Kentucky   b 1768 Maryland  
b yyyy state   d yyyy state   d 2001 Ohio   d 1954 Ohio   d 1918 Kentucky   d 1890 Kentucky   d 1832 Kentucky
m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state
spouse   mother name   Mary Elizabeth Ronk   Rosa Belle Green   Clarinda Green   Nancy Lay   Nancy Ann Doan
b yyyy state b yyyy state b 1920 Ohio b 1882 Kentucky b 1845 Kentucky b 1813 state b 1784 Virginia
d yyyy state d 2008 Ohio d 1924 Ohio d 1902 Kentucky d 1899 state d 1824 state
kit number 306483 Robert Theodore Harden Daniel Harden John William Harden Henry Harden
Dennis Robert Harden   b 1926 Indiana   b 1879 Indiana   b 1836 Ohio   b yyyy state
b 1947 Indiana   d 1961 Indiana   d 1948 Indiana   d 1911 Indiana   d yyyy state
m 1974 M   m 1947 Indiana   m 1926 Indiana   m 1860 Indiana   m yyyy state
Frances Ann   Fonetta Larmore   Ethel Knight   Mary Traxler   unknown
b 1951 Georgia b 1921 Indiana b 1903 Indiana b 1842 Ohio b yyyy state
d 1972 Indiana d 1977 Indiana d 1916 Indiana d yyyy state
kit number 212049 Robert Clinton "Mic" Harden Charles Edward Harden Samuel Thomas Harden John Harden George Harden Savel Harden
David Francis Harden   b 1917 state   b 1879 Maryland   b 1854 Maryland   b 1828 Maryland   b 1800 Maryland   b yyyy Maryland
b 1952 Maryland   d 1991 Maryland   d 1947 Maryland   d 1931 Maryland   d 1907 Maryland   d yyyy state   d yyyy state
  m 1938 Maryland   m 1900 state   m 1876 Maryland   m 1848 state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state
  Anna Virginia Skidmore   Mable Georganna Trimble   Josephine Helen (Mosier) Mosure   Hannah Caoline Winebrenner   Margaret Newmeyer   unknown
b 1920 state b 1882 state b 1859 state b 1830 state b 1803 state b yyyy state
d 2007 Maryland d 1947 Maryland d 1883 state d yyyy state d yyyy state d yyyy state