These family lines share this DNA sequence: Last Updated11/27/2010
Kit Number 65631 Charles Mabry Harder Edward Julian Harder William Wallace Harder Nicholas Harder Nicholas Harder Jacob Harder Johann Michael Harter
Spruill Gayle Harder Lockhart Harder   b 1899 Alabama   b 1870 Alabama   b 1833 Alabama   b 1799 New York   b abt 1760 New York   b 1712/14 New York   b abt 1672 Germany
b 1965 Georgia   b 1928 New York   d 1959 Texas   d 1941 Texas   d 1892 Alabama   d 1867 state   d yyyy state   d yyyy state   d yyyy state
    m 1962 Georgia   m 1925 Pennsylvania   m 1898 Alabama   m 1857 Alabama   m 1829 Alabama   m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state
  Cavalene Janice Fincher   Lucy Gray Berly   Pattie Mae Mabry   Louisanna Manning   Celinda Cammack   Margaret Schmidt   Maria Van Hoesen   Maria Lucia Tullius
b 1925 Georgia b 1902 Texas b 1878 Mississippi b bet 1834-1837 Alabama b abt 1809 Indiana b yyyy state b yyyy state b yyyy state
d 1989 New York d 1971 Texas d abt 1912 Alabama d bef 1850 Alabama d yyyy state d yyyy state d yyyy state
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