Harden Hardin Harding y-DNA Project

By: William Clark “Bill” Hardin, Jr., P.E.



We have six new participants since the last newsletter.  Those lab results are not yet complete.  We also had two participants order an expansion of their test to the full thirty-seven-marker battery.  I look forward to getting the results and reporting them to you in next quarter’s newsletter.


We currently have:

Seven participants with full thirty-seven-marker test completed

One participant with twenty-five-marker test completed and thirty-seven-marker test pending

One participant with twelve-marker test completed and thirty-seven-marker test pending

One participant with twelve-marker test completed

Six participants with thirty-seven-marker test pending


The y-DNA project measures markers that are passed from father to son.  Thus it provides a method for identifying common pedigrees for the Harden-in-ing line.  We have identified four distinct branches of our family at this point.


We need hundreds of Harden-in-ing males to take this test.  As the results are compiled and posted, we will be able to paint a picture of the various family lines and when they were likely to have had a common ancestor. All it takes is a painless cheek scraping to obtain DNA that can help accurately determine a relationship with either a 99.9% probability of YES or a 100% certainly that no near term relationship existed.


It also takes money.  The FTDNA test costs $219.  This seems like a lot of money, until you compare it to the amount that you likely spend doing conventional genealogical research.  We have also started a fund to help any family members who can’t afford this test.  An anonymous donor has offered to match contributions to this fund on a dollar for dollar basis, up to $500.  So far, I am aware of $60 in contributions.  Please give serious consideration to this opportunity to double a good deed.  Mail contributions to:        Family Tree DNA – Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. World Headquarters

1919 North Loop West, Suite 110

Houston, Texas 77008

Be sure to note that the contribution is for the HARDEN surname project.  You can also send the Donation to Oran, made payable to HFA, and with DNA project noted in the “for” space.  If you need financial assistance, please make the request to Oran.


More information is available at the following Internet sites:

FTDNA Home                        http://www.familytreedna.com/

FTDNA Harden Group          http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Harden.in.ing/

                                                (Click JOINT THIS GROUP link to order a test kit)

HHH yDNA Project               http://www.hhhdna.com


Either Terry Parks or I are available to answer most questions that you might have.

Terry Parks                                                      William Clark “Bill” Hardin, Jr. P.E

7049 Balcom Avenue                                     112 Fites Creek Road

Reseda, CA 91335-4806                                Mount Holly, NC 28120

(818) 342-1141                                               (704) 822-5960

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